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Our Portfolio of Companies & Products

CF Ventures has realized that a most effective business growth strategy has been to use technology to develop new products that complement traditional products in the business–to–business segment and then integrate them into new branded businesses. Some of our portfolio companies are listed below:

The Advertising Specialty Institute®… our flagship company in the $18 billion promotional products industry. ASI Case History – Since its acquisition by CF Ventures 40 years ago it has been the launching ground for numerous products and subsidiary companies. Among them are:

The Register – A comprehensive product sourcing guide allowing distributors/sales forces and manufacturers/suppliers to find each other and do business. The Register is also available in CD–ROM form and became the basis for the development of ESP.

ESP® – the flagship product of the flagship company. ESP is the business management tool in the industry created in 1989, to provide on CD–ROM the research and product sourcing needs of industry sales forces. Now available on DVD, information on more than 500,000 products is maintained.

Market & Credit – A credit service reporting on the activities of industry members. Services are available on a subscription/participation basis and include a password–protected site for suppliers to help support and update your Market & Credit subscription.

The ASI Show! – Started in 1998, The ASI Show! now hosts four major shows a year – Dallas, Orlando, Las Vegas and Chicago and has consistently set attendance records. As quickly as 1999 its success was validated when the April edition of TradeShow Week magazine named the 1998 ASI Show! in Las Vegas one of the top 200 largest tradeshows in the United States and Canada.

Medical Data Institute – medical product information for health care providers. Created in 1987 on a microfiche–based system, data is now available on CD–ROM Epic Plus which is a part of the ProfitBuilder Suite.

Tower Financial Marketing – a specialized business engaged in the development and distribution of promotional literature for banks and other financial institutions through mail–order and direct sales.

ASIcatalogs™ – a syndicated catalog company that consolidates product information from more than 4,000 manufacturing sources into custom catalogs that range in sophistication from pocket–size guides to extensive coffee table quality presentations for use by industry sales staff. Catalogs can be ordered by traditional telephone and mail requests or by way of the company’s Web site.

ASInternet™ – ASInternet has been one of our fastest growth portfolio companies. In the tradition of using technology to develop new products, the organization has applied Web technology to traditional print product information and developed extensive products for use by suppliers, distributors and end–users.® – An online end–buyer shopping mall bigger and more popular than any other in the industry. Shoppers search for customized products by category, price range, production time, keyword and then choose local distributors who can place and manage their orders.™ – online company store solutions that give organizations the capability to sell customized organization products.

ASItransact™ – an Internet based online order management system connecting manufacturers with their sales force in the field providing for interactive order entry and tracking.

ASICS – ASICS has been providing custom industry computer accounting and business management systems for 25 years. ASICS software has been installed in over 3000 offices nationwide. ASICS offers a full line of cutting–edge products, support, training and services for the distribution and manufacturing entities. Products are marketed via the Internet and through corporate sales representatives located throughout the country.

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ASI® – A Time Line of Success:

The present success of ASI is largely due to the vision of its founders, the guidance of its managers and the hard work and dedication of its employees.

1950 – The Advertising Specialty Institute® (ASI) began as the brainchild of Joe Segel.

1956 – ASI moved into an office building in West Philadelphia. At that time, there were 24 employees.

1963 – Segel sold the company to Iowa–based Maurice Cohn and his family.

1973 – Marvin Spike becomes president and chief operating officer of ASI.

1989ESP was the first ASI venture into electronic publishing; a venture that was well ahead of most other business publishers and that changed many promotional product buying habits and set the pace for creative and thorough sources and resourcing in the industry.

1995 – ASI introduced the concept of an online central buying location, PromoMart, to the promotional products industry.

1999 – Marvin Spike becomes vice chairman of ASI.

TODAY – ASI has grown to more than 500 employees. While we have many new and talented employees, we also have many extremely valuable colleagues who've been here for many years, including twenty who have served at ASI for more than twenty years.

ASI has always prided itself not only on being a family–owned, but also a family–operated business and a company that cares about family.

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